June 2,201- Lensng- 4:41 AM

Zari’s ex-husband and baby daddy Ivan ‘Don’ Semwanga passed away after spending 11 days in a coma following a heart attack. He was pronounced dead on Thursday last week, leaving behind three sons.

But what has caught people’s attention is the absence of Zari’s now boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz. When the Bongo star was in Kenya, he said he would attend Ivan’s funeral.

A few days before that, he had posted a warm message for Zari, showing his loving support to the mother of his two children, Tiffah and Prince Nilan.

Diamond has, however, shared a very cryptic photo on his social media, which shows a happy person unmasking themselves, captioned: “Too many fake people in this world, and it’s very hard to tell.”

Who could he be talking about? Is it Zari (who appeared to still be in love with Ivan) or the people who are attacking her or criticising him for not attending the burial? Only time can tell.